Auden Presents: Winter Activities to keep you healthy!

Written by Auden on February 14, 2012

Winter time is rough and often very windy.  Sometimes, you want to
stay in the house because it's cold outside.  This doesn't help you to
be more healthy - it actually does the opposite.  You might want to
stay in the house and play video games or play on the computer.  I
have a solution for that.  I have a video game that is fun and helps
you be more active it's called "Just Dance 3".  You get to learn all
of these different kinds of dance moves and learn the song because the
lyrics are at the bottom of the screen.   It's good to use Just Dance
3 instead of a normal video game where you just sit down.  The whole
time you play you are dancing - no sitting!  You can't sit when you
are dancing!!  So you will sweat!

Snow ball fights are fun when it snows and they keep you active!
Building snowmen helps you with your strength because you have to pick
up enormous balls of snow.  You also get to design your snowman.
Sledding is very good because you have to climb up the hill.  It might
be hard to climb. If it's too easy to climb when you sled down it
won't be that fun.  I also ice skate.  I took lessons when I was
younger.  I'm pretty good at it and I like it.  I have a couple of
friends that skate too - it's very fun to do it with friends!

I like to eat warm soup in the winter because it keeps me warm!  My
favorite kind is chicken noodle.  It has healthy ingredients like
chicken, celery and sometimes carrots.

Keep being active and eat warm foods and I think you will have a great winter!

Auden Written by Auden on February 14, 2012
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