Beca Dines at Prairie Grass Cafe - Part 1

Written by Rebeca on January 18, 2012


On Friday, December 23rd, my mom and I visited a restaurant in Northbrook called Prairie Grass Café.  Our goal was to explore the healthy food choices recently added to the kids menu.  We also hoped to speak with the owner/chef to learn about the idea of offering healthy food options to the kids menus in restaurants around the Chicago area.

I had never been to Prairie Grass Café, and was excited to try a restaurant I had never been to before.  There were beautiful hardwood floors, and a stacked stone fireplace, which made the large room feel warm and comfy.

Our server Pearl was very nice, and explained that the owner/chef Sarah, wanted us to try all the healthy items on the kids menu.   She brought out the two healthy appetizer items to start to meal.  The first was Edemame, which is already one of my favorite foods.  She also brought out their Combo Platter, which included two types of cheese and two types of apples sliced up.  It also had carrots and celery, as well as caramelized grilled bananas.  The Combo platter was served in a fun dish, and all the foods were cut into slices and strips that were the perfect size for me.  I noticed they didn’t serve dipping sauces, which would have made it less healthy.  It was fun to eat and it all tasted good.

When we were finished with the appetizers, Pearl brought out one of each of the healthy entrees from the kids menu, so we could try each of them.  The first plate we ate featured a delicious piece of Tall Grass beef filet, which was served with a baked sweet potato and Brussel sprouts.  To begin with, the filet was amazing!  So tender and flavorful… I wanted to eat the whole thing, but knew I had to share it with my mom.  I had never eaten Brussel sprouts before, and was surprised to learn they tasted pretty good.  Chef Sarah did a great job making the foods taste kid-friendly.  I also tried the sweet potato and liked the sweetness of the flavor.

The next dish we tried was the whitefish.  It was a kids sized portion served with spaghetti squash and sautéed yellow and orange carrots.  This fish was light and flaky.  The carrots were tasty, and I like the sweetness of the yellow ones a lot.  I really enjoyed trying the many new foods.

The last healthy kids menu item we tried was the chicken cutlet, which was served Brussel sprouts and sautéed cauliflower.  I really liked the flavor of the chicken cutlet… it was better than any fried chicken fingers I’ve ever eaten, and so much healthier!  Yum!!!

...... stay tuned for my interview with Chef Sarah Stegner!

Rebeca Written by Rebeca on January 18, 2012
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